Note: Consultations are currently only provided for questions related to dogs. We plan to expand to other species as our team grows in size in the future.

Initial consultation: $90

You select a consultant and submit your question. Your consultant will accept the question if she is comfortable that it falls within her area of expertise. Otherwise, she will work with you to find a question that does fall within her area of expertise, or recommend a different consultant. Your consultant may ask followup questions to gather more information about your question; this may be done by email, phone, or online chat, as determined by you and your consultant. She will then provide a document with detailed information about your question. For example, if you are concerned about potential heath effects of spaying your six month old female Golden Retriever, your consultant will provide you with a summary of what’s known about the health consequences of spay/neuter in this breed, and an interpretation of what this might mean for your dog. You can ask unlimited followup questions on the same topic, related to your consultant’s document, by email for 30 days.

Followup consultation: $45/hour

After an initial consultation, if you have additional questions on the same topic after 30 days, you may purchase additional consultation time with the same consultant by phone, video chat, or email.

We accept payment via PayPal after a consultation question has been agreed on by both you and your selected consultant.